Totally old school, but oh, what an incredible experience all this was in my early years. Way too much to cover here, but suffice it to say these were really great times. I had the pleasure of working in-house for a very unique niche, yet global, industry. There, I got to freely experiment with both web and print graphic design, integrated online and print media marketing, brand identity, brand amplification and extending brand awareness and reach in the emerging market of plastic welding technologies. It began well before the dot-com boom (and bust), as the internet, itself, was just becoming.
Below are some of the brochures I designed, and below them, the hard-stock folder design in which the brochures were mailed out internationally. Everything, all the products, had a similar digital counterpart online for a seamless marketing and branding program. Similarly, so too the magazine ads all had a similar look and feel.
Tri-fold folders used for mailing brochures and other marketing and instructive materials.
Advertising campaigns all made use of the familiar look and feel, typography, etc., all of which also carried over into what then was an extensive, content-rich website (which I delighted in the education and experience of manually coding) with cutting edge features for that period in time.
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