This unique and fun project began with a need to include a highly coveted Intel Achievement Award on a portfolio website. The Intel Achievement Award is "highly coveted" within the company because they are so rarely given out - just 1-2% of the average 110K employee base will receive one year over year.
The logical and easy way, of course, to add such an object to a website would be to take and post a picture of it. However, in this case the actual award was sitting in a storage box back home in another country at the time, and so getting a photo of the original was simply not going to happen. Furthermore, because there are only a handful of these given out once a year at a private gala event, there are no searchable versions online, anywhere apparently, for photos of the actual award; an award that also changes in form, year to year.

The only solution was to recreate the original from memory. Great! What a perfect project for a web, graphics & visual design engineer to get to come up with for one's own portfolio! So the following, in a nutshell, is how the award was created in digital form, using a base trophy found online (matching the original), the Intel* logo and CorelDRAW Graphics Suite (2021). Enjoy, and thank you for your visit!
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